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One of the interesting things is that these seem like legitimate papers. The authors should probably resubmit them and have them properly peer reviewed.

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Should they declare they were retracted before re-submitting for publication? Especially if they hired a company, and they thought those companies were helping them translate and format the papers, but it turned out the companies have deceived them, well, then I would tell the editors the situation and re-submit it.

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I actually believe very strongly in peer review. But I think that it is too limited in its current form. We should be thinking about peer review not just before publication but after. I think we should be requiring researchers to deposit data so that it can be checked. I think that we want to make peer review more inclusive.

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A lot of people also talk about whether it should be open. People should sign their reviews and they should be available.

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A lot of these will require publishers to embrace change. This post was updated on May 8 with clarifications from Springer Nature on the edit process at Tumor Biology. Skip to navigation Skip to content.

Artwork Preparation

As scholars, we strive to do high-quality research that will advance science. preparation and submission process that often lead to research being rejected for publication. Do not rush submitting your article for publication. Once you have completed writing your paper, the process to publish in a due to plagiarism can tarnish an author's reputation and credibility as a researcher.

Is this an Asian problem? If your paper is rejected, review it with a professor or mentor and try again!

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Fonts, font size, line spacing, heading size and all small details will be considered for review process. Apart from fixing errors related to language and grammar, Premium Editing ensures that you work has been edited with specific knowledge of your subject. It is not a good idea to fire off an angry e-mail to the editor explaining why the journal's process was unfair and biased. Things to consider before writing 1. Publish or perish 7. It is through publication that the research, including its scientific and practical contributions, is disseminated to others in a particular field. Submission 1.

Each revision will allow you to develop stronger writing skills and advance your standing as a professional linguist. Search form Search.

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This post was republished and archived on June 28, Review Papers: These types of papers review and summarize other research, papers or topics. As with other papers, these papers must be well-written, consisting of an abstract, key words, and main text. Click here for more on microarticles. Conference Papers: If you have presented your reesearch at an academic conference, you may be offered the opportunity to publish a version of it in the "proceedings" of that conference.

Some proceedings are refereed, others are not. Click here for a list of proceedings published by the LSA.

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Calls for papers from journals are on a recurrent cycle annual, quarterly, monthly etc Unsolicited Manuscripts - Manuscript sent to a publishing house unrequested. Why Can't Computers Use English?


How can I get involved with LSA? With the few exceptions mentioned above, no changes are possible after the article has been published, unless a corrigendum is published, which may incur costs for the author. In order to publish a corrigendum you should first file a ticket with ed-support jmir.

We will evaluate the request and investigate the cause and severity of the error if any. In case 1 or 2, a corrigendum has to be published and a correction notice has to be sent to various databases to notify them.

How to Write a Great Research Paper

Please do not resubmit the revised paper only of extensive changes are required a "retraction and republication" is possible. Rather, you need to upload a file that explains what should be changed, quoting the original sentence [author name, reference, affiliation Please use past tense as if the change s already made. The same applies when an author needs to be removed. Also describe if the acknowledgement or conflict of interest section need to be changed due to the additional author, or any "all authors contributed equally" footnotes.