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Bachelor of Computer Science

If you do choose this, make sure you read up on how a supermarket actually operates, so the system is suitable. A point of sale system is very different to a stock management system as you would find in a supermarket. There are so many resources to help you develop this particular project idea online.

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So, whenever you get stuck, you will never be far away from help. There are loads of free online resources that will help you a ton. However, I highly recommend that you get this book off Amazon. This project has the potential to be seriously complicated, however, you could also make it quite simple. If you are going to simulate how animated stick figures get better at running over many generations, your program is going to be very complex. However, if you are going to simulate how a single-muscled slug can get better traveling between points as quickly as possible then it could be quite simple.

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This project is obviously very similar to the image recognition project that was aforementioned. An SOP system should, as the name suggests, manage sales. This means it should control the majority of communications between the factory sales team and the client. You are tied down a bit with this project, as you do have to make sure a factory could actually use this software. For you to do this project, you would have to be fairly confident with networking. Depending on how complex you want your program to be, you could add so many extra features. I think a great extra feature for this project would be to calculate the odds of someone winning per hand.

Furthermore, you could also add a computer poker player where you could definitely implement some AI. This one is definitely a fun project for those of you who have an affection for music. You could also build a control system which could implement the software. I would say that the most important aspect of this project would have to be the UI. Without a good user interface, the software would not be fit for purpose and you would definitely lose marks. You could either make an offline quiz app or you make a much more complex client-server quiz style app.

If you decide to do a client-server model, I think a real time quiz app would work great — something even remotely similar to Kahoot would really stand out. Because in doing this project, you would be making a computer science theory topic actually come to life. Therefore, if you do this project, you are showing to the examiner that you can get a concept off paper and actually make use of it in a real situation.

You will need to be able to gather information about the global whereabouts of cargo ships frequently.

Bachelor of Computer Science

Once you have mastered the back-end tracking, you will need to think of a nice way to present the data. Maybe you could use certain programming libraries to make route representations on a global map? The lengths that airport companies go to when designing the layout of a particular airport is crazy.

Everything is where it is for a reason: the route you take to board a plane, where you wait to board and the even where the security is. If you want more information about how airports maximize profits, check this out. If you choose this project, I think you should do a simulation where people are represented by a particular sprite, shape or whatever you choose, and then they you follow them through the airport. These six credits can be any level course used to complete the core, cluster, or elective requirements, as described above.

Nine credit hours is considered a full-time course load for graduate students. Graduate Employees are required to register for and complete a minimum of 9 graduate credits each term to maintain their GE teaching status. The same is true for International students here on an F-1 visa to maintain their immigration status.

A fixed tuition rate is assessed for graduate credits per term. The bare minimum required to remain "in" the program is 3 graduate credit hours, but this should be discussed with student's adviser and the Graduate Coordinator. When in doubt, check with the Graduate Coordinator prior to registration. If you wish to identify a reading or project course and have this title appear on your transcript, contact the Graduate Coordinat before the end of the fifth week of the term. Each graduate student should be familiar with satisfying both department and Graduate School regulations for maintaining graduate status and graduation requirements.

Students who fail to maintain a cumulative 3. Please note that P indicates satisfactory performance, which is defined by the university as a grade of B- or better for graduate students. An "I" is appropriate only in an extraordinary circumstance, such as serious illness or injury, which precludes completion of the course before the end of the term, and then only if the completed coursework is satisfactory B- or higher.

In particular, "I" may not be used to forestall a failing or otherwise undesirable grade. When an incomplete grade is submitted, the instructor will file the departmental form "Report of Incomplete Grade" describing the reason for that mark and the conditions for its removal, including a deadline for completion of coursework.

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The instructor must also specify the grade that will be assigned if the work is not completed by the stated deadline. If the conditions for the removal of the incomplete grade are not fulfilled by the date specified on the form, the department will submit the grade specified by the instructor for this eventuality. If no grade was specified, an "F" will be reported. An incomplete may be issued when the quality of work is satisfactory but some minor requirement has not been completed for reasons acceptable to the instructor.

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To remove an incomplete, graduate students must convert a graduate course incomplete into a passing grade within one calendar year of the assignment of the incomplete. Students may request additional time for the removal of the incomplete by submitting a petition stating the course requirements that were not initially completed, signed by the instructor, to the dean of the Graduate School for approval.

This policy does not apply to incompletes assigned to Research , Thesis , Dissertation or Final Project A clear majority of respondents agree that there are currently shortcomings with the non-exam assessment that could unfairly advantage some students. We announced today that non-exam assessment will not count to the final 9 to 1 grade in GCSE computer science. The Telegraph reported one student asked online for help designing a piece of software. Soon enough the first response came in with a full solution. This post has now been viewed over 2, times.

Computer Science is a relatively new subject — it became part of the curriculum three years ago — in which the Government is heavily invested. It also declared plans to treble the number of teachers specialising in Computer Science.

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Coming Up With A Good A-Level Computer Science Project Idea Can Be Hard. Check Out This List Of Project Ideas That Will Guarantee You. This chapter aims to give you the skills to complete your A2 Computing project. Unlike the rest of the course this unit is entirely based on coursework submitted in .

However, if we do not act now, it would be impossible for us to correct any unfairness caused by rules being broken. Disappointed my Y11 wasted 20 hours on an NEA task that won't count.