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After being cured in the sanatorium, Cady goes back home and continues writing to Hans. They meet and get back together, but break up when Hans takes up with another girl.

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Cady is shattered, and because she wants to have a good job, she studies nursing. During her first vacation she goes to Lake Como, where she runs into Hans. Cady refuses, even though, in spite of herself, she loves him as much as ever. But her pride holds her back. She grows to love him, but not as much as Hans.

She has two daughters and a son, Lilian, Judith and Nico. She and Simon are happy together, but Hans is always in the back of her mind until one night she dreams of him and says farewell. I think these stories by a teenager have promise, so I think she could have made it. Her stories have feeling and insight of suffering not just from a war torn environment but many stories draw into her characters dealing with things in life not very easy. The story about the Teddy Bear going out in the world shows how our surroundings can play a part in how are life is lead and people having more charge of us than we would like to admit.

Cady's Life is interesting but when you read about how she wants the story to play out as mentioned in her Diary, you see the serious writer.

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When reading these stories and thinking about Anne's life, another author that was killed after arriving in Auschwitz, Irene Nemirovsky came to my mind, quite similar in a way. Though Anne was much younger than Irene both used their relationships with their mothers in their works. Their relationship with their mothers was quite cool and it is obvious and shows up many times. I think Anne's mother would have helped her daughter and grandkids if trouble needed her help, Irene's mom living in Paris actually refused to help her daughter and granddaughters, who luckily had to hide with a good friend and not easily done.

Both these unfinished stories had a war related stories and both had to find writing material that was scare. Anne writing in her Diary and Irene writing in extremely small print.

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I plan on re reading Suite Francaise in The loss of these women is just so heart breaking, the reason for their death makes no sense and shows such barbarism and credulity. Was this worth reading? Yes, I came away understanding Anne Frank better and her philosophy which helped her deal with life. Anne has fulfilled her wish below and making future generations of all races aware of the dangers that make men turning away from goodness and embracing evil. I want to go on living even after my death! View all 8 comments. This book is not for everyone.

Readers must remember that these stories were written by a teenage girl, and therefore they should judge them accordingly. The stories are interesting in their own right, but they do drag in places.

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It's rather obvious that if she had the chance, she would have probably edited and developed the stories to something that would be of better quality, but they are very good for the stage they are in. View all 3 comments. This was a re-read!

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Free Essays from Bartleby | The Anne Frank Unit shows us that people are brave and The Story of Anne Frank Learning about the Holocaust can be extremely. Free Essay: Relationships and Teenagers What makes Anne Frank: The Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank is the story of a Jewish girl and.

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who went into hiding in an Amsterdam warehouse to escape the Nazis. Anne had an incredible imagination. She loved to write short stories involving talking animals This was a re-read!

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She loved to write short stories involving talking animals or fairies, ideas that have been done lots of times. But her writing style was so innocent and carefree. I think Anne had a potential ending in mind which sadly never got written. I did enjoy most of the content included in the collection. Jun 23, S. White rated it liked it. While the stories in this book display childish writing Anne Frank was only a young girl when she wrote these they are quite remarkable.

The Diary Of A Young Girl By Anne Frank

The most memorable one is the last one, Cady's Life. Anne had learned to create a character that was highly autobiographical in some ways Cady has a difficult relationship with her mother but was different as well. Cady isn't Jewish, but has a Jewish friend. The climax is Cady going to visit her friend, the Germans are arresting her friend and family, they While the stories in this book display childish writing Anne Frank was only a young girl when she wrote these they are quite remarkable.

The climax is Cady going to visit her friend, the Germans are arresting her friend and family, they momentarily arrest her but let her go when she shows her ID to prove she isn't Jewish. Cady goes home and feels guilt at having survived. It seems unprecedented to me that Anne Frank, at such a young age, under threat of death for her Jewishness, found it possible to imagine what the Holocaust experience might be like for a sympathetic non-Jew. Jun 12, lacy rated it liked it Shelves: , own , 3-stars , f.

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She had already intuited what greatness in literature might mean, and she clearly sensed the force of what lay under her hand in the pages of her diary: a conscious literary record of frightened lives in daily peril; an explosive document aimed directly at the future. They acted so realistic that it looked as if it was occurring live from the scene of the action. At the same time she is conscious of the changes in her adolescent body, her sexual feelings, and the sudden mood swings that lead to floods of tears. Many were shot. She knew the secret I was trying to hide. Words: - Pages: 7.

The challenge: Captain America- read a book set in or written in WW2. A life, among countless more, taken needlessly.

Anne was talented and precocious. Had she lived, I think she could have done amazing things with her life. This review will be a bit different because this book is a bit different. I wrote 5 five notes in my tiny no 3. I wrote 5 five notes in my tiny notebook that I use to keep notes in the book I'm reading. I'm just going to put what those notes say and maybe touch on them briefly. The diary entries weren't included in the original book or at least not in my copy.

They gave more of of an insight to life in the secret Annex along with mentions of life before hiding. Had she had the time, she could have grown to be a truly great writer. She was on her way to doing something great. But that is something to that is in this book. Anne poured her soul into those stories and essays. I also believe she was a feminist.

Reading her essay "The Den of Iniquity" confirms this for me. Mar 20, Antonio rated it really liked it Shelves: short-stories , read-in I have to admit I was a little disappointed at first since I was expecting the same maturity and reflections I've once experienced in The Diary of a Young Girl.

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Instead, I found some fables and tales of a year-old girl. I'm not complaining about its quality, I just had to realise the book was made of tales which Anne wasn't able to revisit; I know it is pretty obvious, but this insight was important for my experience. After that, I could fully enjoy her tales. In this text with a pronounced autobiographical content, I was able to see her detachment of her mother, her belief in God, her tenderness for her dad and so many wonderful details which made me love her Diary. In the second part of the book, composed of some memories of her days before the Secret Annex.

Curiously, we can see the same girl in these stories, the one who loved life, nature and existence itself. Therefore, I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to revisit Anne or just find out more about the girl who told one of the most unforgettable stories of the last century. View 2 comments. I got a 'suggestion-read' today of this book.

I've read it at 'least' 3 times two daughters and being Jewish does that to a 62 year old Sep 06, Benjamin Thomas rated it really liked it Shelves: anthologies-short-stories , classic. Having read Anne Frank's famous Diary, I chose to read this volume as well, almost a companion volume to the first.

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Her diary mentions her writing efforts and it is fun to read them here in their entirety. The quality of the stories increases immensely as we go from one to the next, proving the old axiom that the only way to improve your writing is to practice.

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But what is really amazing is the insights this young girl was able to bring to her stories. Several seem to be quite plain on the surfa Having read Anne Frank's famous Diary, I chose to read this volume as well, almost a companion volume to the first. Several seem to be quite plain on the surface yet have an underlying message or theme. Most of them are understandably coming-of-age stories.

In addition, we get a little more insight into her life in the attic and those people that surrounded her during that time.