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This study also examined the differences in medical vignettes by various demographic and attitudinal factors. Data were collected from a sample of classified staff members at two institutions of higher learning in Oregon. A survey was used to collect all data.

1. Introduction

Paired sample T-tests, stepwise multiple regression analysis and repeated measures multiple analysis of variance MANOVA were used to analyze the data. Based on survey results, there were significant differences in attitudes toward PAS and VAE for each medical vignette. Religious beliefs, fear of dependency, and fear of death were the most powerful predictors of individual support for PAS in each medical situation.


The end stages of life for terminally ill and suffering patients are often filled with bewildering side effects, a lack of autonomy, and the dreadful knowledge of inevitable death. Thesis: Physician Assisted Suicide is sometimes misunderstood due to how it is termed, but this is something that needs to be deeply evaluated and legalized in all 50 states. By clicking "Log In", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. At its heart Continue Reading. There is a big debate throughout the country on whether or not physician-assisted suicide should be legal in all fifty states. There is nothing pleasing about being in pain or watching someone be in pain.

In the case of VAE, there were differences in support on each medical situation in terms of the most powerful predictors: fear of dependency and religious beliefs for the cancer vignette, fear of dependency, religious beliefs, and age for the ALS vignette, and religious beliefs and fear of dependency for the paralysis vignette. However, women over age 66 in this study were more likely to support VAE than were the males age 66 and over. Males in the year old category were more supportive of VAE than females in this age category.

Also, those who were more fearful of death were more likely to have a higher level of support for VAE. CVista PdfCompressor 4.

Physician Assisted Suicide for Terminally Ill Patients: An Argumentative Essay

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Table 3 outlines such a model. Step 1 involves the assessment of current levels of skill competency and knowledge of the behavioral principles. Step 2 consists of the presentation of validated, scientifically based principles and guidelines for effective skill performance.

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Thesis Statement: Physician Assisted Suicide should be a matter of free will and not just law. Hippocratic oath Thesis Statement: Physician Assisted Suicide should be a matter of free will and not just law. Preview: Today i will first discuss what Physician assisted suicide is.

Physician assisted death thesis statement

However, what we are reacting to with emotional repugnance is, precisely, the suffering itself of someone who is dying, in severe pain, and gradually losing their vigor and faculties. But it is a different thing altogether to assert that, given that emotion, the best way to act—the best way of helping someone who is suffering a great deal—is to help her kill herself. We rightly abhor the pain and suffering, but not the person herself in that condition.

The moral issue does not by itself settle the legal issue, to which I now turn. But both law and medical practice recognize rightful limits to autonomy. The law requires drivers to wear seatbelts and motorcyclists to wear helmets.

There are laws against prostitution, dueling, and the use of certain addictive drugs. The protection of life has always been recognized as an essential component of the public good. Especially important is how the culture as a whole—which is profoundly influenced by the law—regards human life.

source link If a culture regards human life as inviolable, that fact protects all of us; if not, then the most vulnerable among us—especially the elderly and the disabled—are in danger. A culture that condones PAS views life as merely conditionally valuable and so views the lives of many of the most vulnerable among us as mere burdens.

Consider the laws that prohibit physicians from amputating healthy limbs or performing female genital mutilation. If laws prohibiting those procedures were rescinded and those acts became widespread, the message would be sent that these practices are not inherently harmful. Such laws are in place because physicians should perform surgery only to provide a real medical or cosmetic benefit to the patient—or at least not significantly harm the patient.

Man's gut-wrenching story; Wife ends life with physician-assisted suicide

The message sent to the elderly and the disabled would be that they may very well lack inherent value.