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Today, cracking the code to legacy admissions—and college admissions in general—is on the minds of millions of Ivy League hopefuls. Like what Yale saw in the s, it all boils down to one thing: money. Penn Admissions declined to comment on the matter, but Liz Culliton, a counselor at college consultant InGenius Prep and a former Penn admissions officer, has a more complex explanation. For many legacy students at Penn, that is very much the case. Legacies like Alexandra enter the admissions process armed with information about Penn that is not explicitly secret but may not be accessible to non—legacy students and students of different backgrounds and cultures.

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Anika, whose parents immigrated to the US from India, grew up without the plethora of information about Penn that legacy students typically have. Legacy admissions benefit white students more than others—historically, alumni of elite schools like Penn are disproportionately white, so legacy admissions policies will disproportionately benefit their children, putting first—generation low—income students and Black and Latinx students at a disadvantage. But Brian thinks there is room for legacy admissions policies to benefit underrepresented groups in the long run.

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So to end it just at the time when they can finally benefit as their Caucasian peers have for decades, well, some might not like that. Alexandra is sure that she got into Penn on more than just her family name.

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Daniel, whose parents and sister are alumni, applied regular decision and was waitlisted. But Daniel had an in. These students grow up with the assumption that hard work and good grades will afford you admission to the school you desire.

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Maintaining alumni relations is important for colleges, not only for prestige, but financially as well. For Alexandra, college admissions is just a game where you have to play your best cards. Occasionally, schools are forced to face the consequences for their less—than—transparent admissions practices. Affirmative action at Harvard is under fire by Asian Americans right now, and maybe legacy is next. My Battle with My Racial Identity was More of a War But it was my fight to win, and there was never any room for your microaggressions.

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Overheards Born This Way: Legacy Admissions At Penn Alumni connections, application advice, and the other advantages legacy applicants have over their peers. Please support us by disabling your ad blocker on our site. Re: how to show interest for Penn law? And maybe you end up deciding that Penn at sticker is best choice but you'd be robbing yourself of the option of picking other schools with more money, or potentially negotiating with Penn after an RD offer.

To answer your question, i think applying ED is probably the best way to express serious interest I go to Penn. Apply RD and mention the following throughout your application and in your Why Penn essay: -Time when you took an interdisciplinary approach to solve a problem -Ability to thrive in small environments -Ability to contribute to a colegial environment. I want to apply ED at Texas. I asked this question earlier.

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How does applying ED effect scholarship? I thought the purpose of ED was for the people that wanted to get their college applications out of the way early just to avoid procrastination.

I mean, that makes sense. The confusion was over the def of ED lol.

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